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Between the Lines
In recent years there have been a number of indications that cocaine consumption is on the rise. Concern about this prompted the local authorities of Rotterdam, Barcelona and Turin to commission an extensive study on cocaine use in their cities. The study was partly financed by the European Community. The activities in the three cities were geared to one another and the Intraval design was adopted as the starting point of all three related studies.
In Rotterdam, the study was carried out by Intraval, bureau for research and consultancy. The project manager was Bert Bieleman who was in charge of day-to-day operations and the reporting. Edgar de Bie conducted the analysis and reportage of the typology construction. Furthermore, he carried out the field work, together with Otto Doosje, Ageeth Ettema, Lucas Kroes and Jan Vis. Marinus Spreen provided the set-up, analysis and reporting of the network analysis. Cilia ten Den analyzed and listed the characteristics of the cocaine users. Professor Tom Snijders (University of Groningen), Professor Charles Kaplan (University of Limburg) and Dr. Hennie Brandsma (University of Twente) advised on the scientific aspects of the research work. Professor Snijders developed new estimators for the extent of cocaine use and assisted with the application of some quantitative methods. Professor Kaplan and Dr. Brandsma safeguarded the continuity of the project. We are very grateful for the support of Jolt Bosma, Paula Koedijk, Eddy Leuw and Koert Swierstra, who read the various drafts of this book and provided valuable comments. The English translation was done by Mary Marggraf-Lavery of Maarn Translations and Jim Allen.
Many people and organisations have assisted with the study. In the field work we were helped by Bas Berkhout, Adèle Hoekstra and Andras Simon. We also wish to thank the members of the steering committee, the Rotterdam City Police, and staff of the Bulldog and other (drug) assistance agencies for their valuable contribution. Last but far from least, we owe thanks to the cocaine users themselves who discussed their experiences with us in lengthy interviews. Without their frank and enthusiastic cooperation this study would not have been possible.
On behalf of Intraval,
B. Bieleman
E. de Bie
September 1992
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Table of Contents
Chapter 1    Introduction
Chapter 2    Methodology
Chapter 3    General impressions
Chapter 4    The main characteristics
Chapter 5    Typology
Chapter 6    Spread, dispersion and extent
Chapter 7    Conclusions and discussion
Appendix A    Glossary
Appendix B    Occupation classification
Appendix C    Patterns of use
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