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Between the Lines
Appendix B    Occupation classification
The occupation classification is based upon an inventory of the specific occupations the respondents have attributed to their nominees. There are two reasons for the choice of this 'inventorization' classification. The first reason is that the respondents did not know the exact occupation of the nominees or were unwilling to say it. For example, the respondent said 'he is employed in entertainment', 'he works in an office', 'he is involved in the fashion world', 'he is a criminal' and so forth. The second reason is that cocaine users are distributed over a large range of occupations such that too general classifications lose too much interesting information. In the classification presented below, each category is accompanied by specific data that had been mentioned. Where necessary categories are briefly described.
Sex Industry
Examples mentioned: prostitute, striptease dancer, lady escort, sex shop employee.
Administration Sector
In this category the lower administrative occupations are classified. Examples mentioned: secretary, administrative secretary, administrative employee, office boy, bookkeeper, administrative technician, bank employee.
Art and Culture
Examples mentioned: (expressive) artist, dancer, musician, actress, gallery owner, festival manager, juggler, conductor, stage manager, cabaret director, filmmaker.
Examples mentioned: waiter, bartender, cook, bar owner, croupier, dj, hostess, server, manager' doorman.
Technical Sector
In this category are classified technical and craftsmen of a low level of training. Examples mentioned: carpenter, printer, production worker, metal worker, welder, mechanic, pipe fitter, longshoreman, truck driver, machine operator, painter, security officer, plumber.
Sales Sector
In this category sales personnel are classified. Examples mentioned: salesman, sales representative, wholesaler, store worker, peddler, fashion saleswoman.
Examples mentioned: photographer, newspaper reporter, pr, advertising, journalist.
Health Care
In this category are classified occupations of health care and social services. Examples mentioned: social worker, community worker, welfare official, nurse, psychiatric attendant, counsellor.
Examples mentioned: Dutch language teacher, English language teacher, high school teacher, docent.
In this category are classified occupations with a high training level. Examples mentioned: realter, economist, accountant, architect, computer programmer, mechanical engineer, psychologist.
Examples mentioned: thief, criminal, dealer.
In this category are occupations that can questionably be classified. Examples mentioned: housewife, dog-trimmer, complaints service, kick boxer, semiographic researcher, airplane builder, farmer, pensioner, beauty specialist.
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Appendix B    Occupation classification
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