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Between the Lines
Appendix A    Glossary
Method of use. Cocaine alkaloid (crystals) are smoked in a pipe, often filled with a strong alcoholic drink, for instance rum. Sometimes a glass and foil or silver paper are used.
A Bomb
Speed or cocaine is wrapped in a piece of paper and then swallowed. This method of using cocaine was not found in this study.
A negative effect of cocaine use. People feel very fed up, so they can not relax and are unable to sleep. This is often ascribed to lacing with speed.
Name used for heroin, especially popular among hard drug users (see also White).
Chasing the dragon
Method of use. Cocaine is heated on foil or silver paper and the fumes are inhaled through a tube.
Most frequently used name for cocaine. Sometimes more lyric descriptions such as snow, the king of drugs, powdered sugar or Columbian marching powder are used.
Coke blow
Name for a cigarette or fag containing cocaine. Also called a coke joint.
Cooked coke
Cocaine which is boiled with the help of sodium bicarbonate or ammonia. The boiled cocaine can be used by basing or chasing the dragon. It is uncertain if this has to be considered the same as crack. Several users call it a Dutch variation of crack.
The hydrochloride component of cocaine, distilled with the aid of soda and water to a 'base' (with free-basing this is done using volatile substances). It can be smoked, for example in a pipe.
Dentist coke
Name used for cocaine of inferior quality. People also speak about chemical coke. According to users this cocaine is mixed with lidocaine.
Disco coke
Name used for cocaine that can only be snorted. It is often used to indicate that it is cocaine of an inferior quality.
A Half
Amount of cocaine of about half a gram.
Hospital coke
Name used for cocaine of inferior quality (see Dentist coke).
A Line
A varying amount of cocaine, depending on the length and thickness of the line.
Dutch slang for sniffing (snorting) cocaine. A sniff is often called a 'nifje' or 'niffie'.
Name of a sigaret or fag containing cocaine (Dutch slang). See also Coke blow.
A Quarter
Amount of cocaine of about a quarter of a gram.
A Run
Continuous cocaine use during, for example, one or two days.
Method of intravenous use of cocaine. Cocaine is injected with a syringe. This method is popular only among poly-drug users.
Method of use. Cocaine is put in a cigarette or fag and smoked. It can be compaired with smoking cannabis. This is considered an expensive method, because a lot of the active substances are lost.
Most common way of using cocaine. With the aid of a tube the cocaine is inhaled through the nose.
An amount of cocaine comparable to a line. This name is more common among poly-drug users.
Name for cocaine. Used especially by poly-drug users (in contrast to brown: heroin).
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Chapter 4    The main characteristics
Chapter 5    Typology
Chapter 6    Spread, dispersion and extent
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Appendix A    Glossary
Appendix B    Occupation classification
Appendix C    Patterns of use
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