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Research themes

The research and advice are primarily concentrated on four themes: livability, addiction, youth and social domain.

At present, many old neighbourhoods are being revitalized and cleaned up. This offers good opportunities to tackle social problems. Intraval conducts research on the livability of neighbourhoods and formulates advice on this. The research is conducted both in co-operation with other (specialized) bureaus and independently.

Intraval is one of the leading research bureaus in the area of addiction and the associated nuisance and criminality. Addiction is certainly not restricted to soft and hard drugs. Addiction to gambling, for example, is increasingly recognized as a problem. Alcohol and new amphetamine substances have recently been the subjects of important research.

Intraval has conducted a large amount of research in this area, varying from literature research on alcohol and violence to extensive research on the different types of drug users. Central questions in this research concern the nature and extent of drug use, the effects of the substances, the relation between drug use and nuisance and violence, and the provision of care facilities to drug users.

Since the establishment of Intraval, the bureau has often been asked to carry out research on the policy theme 'youth'. To formulate good youth policy and youth care facilities, information is required on, for example, the living conditions of children and youths, the available care facilities, the characteristics of groups of youths with problems, and the background of the dangerous or criminal behaviour they may exhibit.

As a bureau for social scientific research and advice, Intraval feels involved in the well-being of those groups in society which are in need of support. This is particularly evident in the research theme 'social domain'.