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Intraval works carefully, accurately and efficiently, and within tight time schedules. As a bureau for social scientific research and advice, Intraval feels involved in the well-being of those groups in society which are in need of support.

Over the years, we have evaluated various facilities, projects, policy measures and new legislation, such as drug nuisance, camera surveillance, various (care) facilities, youth projects, gambling addiction, coffee shop policy, welfare policy, and prostitution policy. We have extensive experience with conducting effect and process evaluations and so-called realist evaluations.

We develop, implement, and take care of the implementation of various monitors. Examples include repeat offenders, domestic violence, homeless people, addicts, drug nuisance, numbers of coffee shops and municipal policy, local social policy, enforcement age limits for alcohol and tobacco, non-smoking catering industry and workplace.

We regularly conduct inventories of the nature and extent of, for example, drug addicts and homeless people, youths at risk, municipal policies (coffee shop policy, closing-hours policy), “hokken en keten” (sheds and huts), socio-cultural facilities, and such.

A quick scan is a brief investigation that takes place in a very short period of a couple of weeks to two months at most. A quick scan may give rise to a more extensive and/or more detailed examination.

Recommendations on the basis of research are oftentimes not enough. For that reason Intraval, if asked, follows up on the research results by providing a series of advice. These points of advice are based on broad support and are tested on the extent to which they can be realized. In addition, Intraval can also be consulted in the development and implementation of projects.